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Post by RobFlocka on Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:12 pm

Gang Application [Requests & Format]


This is our format for gang applications. Before posting you should be informated about something:
- After an admin create your family, you must quickly invite 2 persons to your gang. (Never OOC invite)
- Whenever you want bring poeple to your gang you gotta RP with them and test them (RPing or OOC test or both of them):
- All of your gang's members have to know how to RP and cant break the rules, you're responsable for them.

When some family breaks the rules, it will earn a strike and deleted at 3 strikes, so be careful to not break the rules.

Regarding the application: we have zero tolerance to copy+paste on the application, if you copy a text from other site we have found it and you can get a warn or ban from the forum. You must too respect the number of words requested or your application can be denied. I hope you have read this, you can now go ahead to apply!


IG Name:
Playing Hours:

Name of the gang you want to create:

Co-Leaders (optional):

Family Story (minimum of 300 words):

Family Cars (8 in total):


Color of the family cars (colorid):

Family ranks:

6 -
5 -
4 -
2 -
1 -

Family skins (maximum of 8 skins):

Family HQ (write the location or post here a ScreenShoot of the place):


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