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Training and Recruitment
Los Santos Police Department
Official Handbook
MISSION STATEMENT : It shall be the primary mission and goal of this department to provide equal and fair enforcement of the law, to reassure all citizens of the United States of their constitutional rights, and ensure equal protection of life, liberty, and property through the deployment of superior police service.

Table of Contents

1. Armoury
3. Los Santos Police Department Commands

Cadet Armory

Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Remington 870

Officer+ Armory

Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Remington 870
Machine Pistol Model 5
M4A1 Carbine

Spencer Repeating Rifle (During situations)

Sergeant+ Armory

Desert Eagle
Machine Pistol Model 5
Pump-Action Remington 870
M4A1 Carbine
Spencer Repeating

PSG1 Sniper Rifle(During situations)
Franchi SPAS-12(During situations)
Tear Gas (During situations)


All members of the Los Santos Police Department are issued a double frequency radio with a department ((/r)) radio which is used to communicate with other LSPD Officers and the cross-department ((/d)) radio which allows communication with all Government agencies in Los Santos. This should only be used with permission from a Sergeant, however the highest ranking officer on-duty is permitted to respond to other departments if command staff are unable.

Status Codes:
Code 0 – Urgent assistance required (ALL units drop what you're doing and attend immediately).
Code 1 – Non-Emergency – Respond in own time (If something comes up, deal with it first).
Code 2 – Non-Emergency – Respond in own time (If something comes up, leave it keep responding).
Code 3 – Emergency – Respond status 5e (With lights & sirens).
Code 4 – All SWAT personnel report in (Location & Status).
Code 5 – Situation currently under control (Standby and wait for other orders).

Radio Codes:
10-1: All units regroup / Meet at -location-
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that / Received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Standby
10-8: Busy
10-9: Repeat message
10-10: Negative
10-14: Requesting a pickup at -location-
10-18: Report information needed
10-20: Location / Position
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report in person – location (Go there / Come here)
10-27: Switching radio channel
10-30: Going to patrol
10-40: Lots of people in the area
10-41: Possible illegal activity
10-55: Traffic stop
10-56: Computer check
10-57v(ictor): Vehicle persuit
10-57f(oxtrot): Foot persuit
10-60: Vehicle description (Blue Cheetah)
10-61: Suspect description (IC 2 male, blue clothes)
10-70: Backup / assistance required
10-70e(cho): Emergency backup required
10-70t(ango): SWAT required on scene immediately
10-71: Ambulance required
10-95: Routine Traffic Stop
10-98: No further assistance required
10-99: Situation concluded (Finished what you were doing)
10-420: Drug dealing commencing.

Status 1 – Off duty
Status 2 – On duty
Status 3 – Going on a break
Status 4 – Patrolling available for calls
Status 5 – Responding without light & sirens
Status 5e(cho) – Responding with lights & sirens
Status 6 – I am on scene (target location)

IC1 – White
IC2 – Black
IC3 – Latino
IC4 – Middle Eastern
IC5 – Asian (Chinese etc.)
IC6 – Unknown ethnicity'

Acronym Codes

A.D.W. – Assualt with a Deadly Weapon
A.K.A. – Also Known As
A.O.D. – Assist Another Deparment
B.A. – Burglar Alarm
B.A.C. – Blood Alcohol Content
B & E – Breaking and Entering
B.O.L. – Be On the Lookout (for)
C.A.D. – Computer Aided Dispatching
C.C.W. – Carry Concealed Weapon(permit)
C.O.N. – Call Of Nature (bathroom break)
C.Y.A. – Cover Your Ass
D.O.A. – Dead On Arrival
D.U.I. – Driving Under the Influence
E.M.T. – Emergency Medical Technician(paramedic)
G.S.W. – Gun Shot Wound
G.T.A. – Grand Theft Auto
M.V.A. – Motor Vehicle Accident
P.I.T. – Pursuit Intervention Technique
R.O. – Registered Owner
S.W.A.T. – Special Weapons And Tactics


C - Courtesy
P - Professionalism
R - Respect

Los Santos Police Department Commands

You will be trained to know these commands, but a quick overview wouldn't hurt.


Code: [Select]
Used to speak with other members of the police department, and us only.


Code: [Select]
Used to speak globally with other legal factions.


Code: [Select]

The megaphone allowes you to speak to people from a larger radius then shouting.


Code: [Select]

Shows a list of currently online wanted suspects.


Code: [Select]

The mobile data computerwill list a suspect's name, crime, and various other information.


Code: [Select]

Used to control both gates of the police department. Close the gate immediately after opening it and entering the garage to avoid infraction strikes.


Code: [Select]
This command allows you to place a warrant on another player. You are n


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