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Gang/Families Rules Empty Gang/Families Rules

Post by RobFlocka on Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:44 pm


Attending without intention
to capture
All attending Gang members must attend with a Rank 4+ from their respective Gang or allied Gang, with a minimum of 3 members. Defending Gangs are not required to have a Rank 4+ attending to defend the Turf.
Prison 30 minutes
Any Gang member who has been invited 15 minutes before Turf start cannot attend.
Prison 1 hour
Gang Management review
Deathmatching (DM)
Gang members cannot kill anybody who does not have a Beacon (unless they have an IC reason).
Prison 1-2 hours
4 hour weapon restriction
In-Character (IC) rules
Turf Wars are in-character (IC). No metagaming or similar offenses are permitted.
Punishments applied from Server Offenses
Healing in a Gunfight
Healing and vesting while being in an active gunfight is not permitted.
Prison 1 hour
/frisk without roleplay is not allowed.
Prison 1 hour
Shooting before Turf War
Gang members cannot shoot at other competing Gang or Law Enforcement (LEO) members before Turf War starts (:00) without a valid IC reason.
Prison 1 hour
Shooting Out of Boundaries
Gang members cannot shoot players outside of Turf Boundaries (other than chasing out or snipers*).
* Sniper: Anyone who is aiming into turf with a sniper/country rifle, or can be seen carrying one on high ground from within turf (ex: rooftop or a hill).
Prison 1 hour
Exploiting Vehicles
More than 3 vehicles cannot be used to blockade off an area in Turf.
Prison 1 hour
Exploiting Beacons
Pulling another turf attendee out of a vehicle or pushing them with a vehicle into Turf boundaries to force a Turf beacon.
Prison 1 hour
Wearing non-gang Skin
Gang members must wear their respective Gang skins at Turf Wars.
Prison 30 minutes
Non-RP Behaviour/ Allying with LEOs
Gang members may not make alliances with Factions to fight in Turf Wars.
Prison 1 hour
Review by Gang Management
Violating Alliance Rules
Gangs may only have up to 2 other Allies which must be listed in the Gang Alliance Roster
Review by Gang Management
Revenge Killing
Gang members are allowed to return to Turf Wars after dying (Revenge Killing rules do not apply).
Kill on Sight
Gang members are allowed to kill other Gang or LEO members within the Turf boundary without interaction.
Attending Turf & Point
Gangs may not attend both Turf and a Point when they overlap in the same area; they may only attend one or the other.
Prison 1 hour
Gang Management review for Strike


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