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Federal Application Format Empty Federal Application Format

Post by RobFlocka on Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:42 pm

IC Informations






Hair Color:

Eyes color:


Do you have any tattos:



Phone Number:

Age(Must Be 21 or higher):

Do you have a valid Drivers License:

Do you have a Gun License:

Do you have a Pilot License:

Do you have a Boating License:

Do you have a Taxi License(Not Required):

Date Of Birth:

Are you a citizen of San Andreas or you have moved here:

Are you abble to speak fluid english:

What other languageā€™s can you speak except English:

Have you been Arrested or held in custody the last 60 Days:

Have you ever been pulled over or recived a ticket:

Have you ever been in a Gang or Familly:

Why should we hire you from any other applicant(100 words minimum):

What asset would you bring to the FBI(50 words minimum):

Biography(200 words minimum):

Please list every employment witch you did even Military Service,Self-Employment,Part Time Jobs,Full Time Jobs,Temporary Work,Volunteer Work, and Internships.

------------------------------------------------------(Job name here)----------------------------------------------

Explain what duties you had to fulfill in your previous Employment(s)

-----------------------------------------------------(Explain here)---------------------------------------------------


Answer with V for positive and X for negative

[] I possess a high school diploma from a US institution.

[] I possess a two-year college degree from an accredited college.

[] I possess a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

[] I passed the San Andreas High School Proficiency Examination.

[] I passed any of Law Enforcement exams.

Do you have any experience as a LEO (If yes explain in details):

------------------------------------------------------ OOC Information--------------------------------------------------------
Real Name and Lastname:

Real Age:

Time Zone:

IG Level:

Why do you think you should be enlisted as a FBI(Write OOC and 50+ words minimum):

Do you understand that you can be rejected from the FBI for any reason:


Thank you for applying citizen!Me Oliver Moareno will contact you(InGame)for a LIVE Interview.Untill that (Stay Active On The Server)have a nice day citizen!


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